You’re Doing Marketing Wrong on Social Media

Picture this — an old high school friend sends you a Facebook friend request. You haven’t heard from her in about 10 years. You accept it. She sends you a DM with a personalized greeting, commenting on a recent post you published, talks a little bit about herself and then brings up her business or product. Ah! There it is. The entire reason for the connection – she’s trying to sell you something. This is not good marketing.

Why is this bad marketing?

Two things happened here. First, the person approached someone who is most likely not going to buy your product. This is because no interest or desire was formulated.

Cardinal rule #1: Know your audience and ask yourself questions. Who are your customers? Be specific. What’s their gender? age? income? interest? behavior? For example, just because you sell cosmetics, you can’t approach any and all women. You may be selling Mary Kay but Gen Z wants Kylie Jenner cosmetics.

The second reason why it’s bad marketing is because you look disingenuous. The minute you approach someone with a sales tactic disguised as a sincere wanting of connection and they know it, you create a tension and resistance. What do people do when they feel this? Create distance. They avoid you because they don’t want to hear your sales pitch.


Do your research. Find out what your customers look like and where you can connect with them. Think about how you make purchases and apply those concepts to your overall marketing strategy.

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How to choose the Best CMS Platform

Now that you are ready to build a website, it’s time to choose the right one for you. A content management system (CMS) platform is your best option for creating your business website. Back when I was learning to build websites 20 years ago, I had to learn code. Some codes I learned are HTML and CSS. While it’s a good idea to know a web developer in case you hit a wall, a CMS platform allows you to create a website without learning or understanding these codes.

Now the market is full of CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Wix, Squarespace to name a few. Which one is right for you? Here are a few things to ask yourself:

What do you want your website to do?

Obviously, you would like brand awareness for your business but what do you want the website to do for you? Are you selling products or services? Will you be receiving payments on the site? Or is it information purposes only? Will you be hosting lots of video or images?

Is it user-friendly?

While using a CMS platform can make creating a website easy, some platforms have limitations like Wix and Squarespace. Know exactly what you need your site to do before choosing a platform because it will be harder to go around these restrictions especially if you don’t know code.

Does the CMS Platform have modules or plugins I need?

If there are limitations, do no fret. This is where modules, extensions or plugins come in. They are like apps for your website. For example, you would probably want an e-commerce store to your main site or have additional help with SEO for organic discovery.

What are my design options?

One of the fun parts of creating a website is designing it. Pick a platform that has a variety of design options so that you can easily go from one design to another losing data or switching platforms when you want to give your website a fresh facelift.

Does it have a good customer support?

Too many times, I have heard that people hate their CMS platform because of poor customer service. Unfortunately, you find this out too late when you already have put hours and hours on your website. Please read reviews and articles to help you find the right one for you.

How much will it cost?

Some CMS platforms can be free while others have a monthly or annual fee. It all really depends on what fits your budget but most importantly what you want the website to do for you. Many even have a price plan depending on your needs. Don’t forget to factor in your domain name and hosting fees if your CMS platform will not be taking care of that.

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3 Reasons Why You Need A Business Website

What started as a hobby or a side business has suddenly turned into something profitable. So you network, post on social media, talk to your friends and family about it, etc. While this is all good, many new start-ups get caught up in the “free” ways to make a sale. However, they don’t realize that having a centralized hub can create a smoother business strategy in the long run. Here are 3 reason why having a business website is important.

Strengthen Your Brand

Most people find it easy to create a Facebook fan page or an Instagram account. While these are good marketing vehicles, it shouldn’t take the place of having a website. Scammers and fake businesses easily create a fan page or Instagram account, make a few bucks and swiftly delete the page. This leave a victim of fraud distraught. With an official website, your business will stand out from these tricksters and give you credibility.

Your Customers Get All The Valuable Information They Need

Before a customer actually buys your product or decides to use your service, they will do some research. They want to know if you are someone who can be trusted. Your website should include a bio about you. Get personal and tell them a little about who you are. Then state how long you have been in the industry and share your knowledge of your products or services.

A Business Website Sells Your Products and Services

Too many times I have heard that people get sales in person or have to constantly be engaging through chat or text in order to make a sale. Both require your presence, time and availability. A website can streamline this for you. You can literally be sleeping and wake up in the morning, have a payment and a description of the product waiting to be shipped or have a service booked for you. You don’t have to manually put things into your calendar from different sources when the technology exists to do all things in one place.

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Belkis on The Wolfkeeper Show

The WolfKeeper Show

I’m very excited to announce I will be on The Wolfkeeper Show with Toriano Sanzone, Master Dog Trainer who has been training dogs for over 20 years and is the founder and CEO of Wolfkeeper University, as well as Wolfkeeper DOGA, a form of Yoga and Reiki for Dogs. He is also the author of “A Wolfkeeper’s Guide to Training a Dog.”

The podcast will air on Wednesday August 12, 2020 at 10:30 CT and we’ll be talking about dogs, digital marketing and everything in between. It will be a fun show co-hosting with Chinelle Burrage. Hope you all can tune in!

Learn more about the show.