Halo Pets: Social Media and Digital Marketing Management

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Halo Pets is a holistic pet food company made with real fresh whole meat. During my ten-year tenure, I was responsible for the growth of their social media channels and overall digital marketing strategy.

  • Social Media Platform Management
    Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter)
    Goal: Build an online community of engaging loyal customers and partners
    What I did: Create monthly social media calendar, managed paid ads and respond to messages, comments and mentions to build everlasting relationships
    Result: Facebook had an engagement rate of 12%, Instagram followers grew by 20% each year and Halo’s Twitter account was second most followed pet food (behind Purina) with more than 46,000 followers
Halo Pets social media

  • Social Media Content Creation
    Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter)
    Goal: Utilized user-generated content for playful posts
    What I did: Created graphic with Halo colors with fun caption
    Result: Creative content resulted in a high-engagement rate of 6% per post

  • Influencer Marketing and Pet Partnership
    Platforms: Social Media Channels
    Goal: Partner with pet influencers to increase brand awareness and virality
    What I did: Researched popular influencers, reached out to them, created an proposal for a partnership and helped with creative content to build a stronger online community
    Result: Recruited 3 of Forbes’ Top 10 Most Influential Pets
Halo® announces leading feline “furfluencer” Nala Cat will join forces with the brand’s official spokespets Lil BUB and Manny the Frenchie to make a difference for all animals. PRNewswire

  • Blog Posts and SEO writing
    Platforms: WordPress Website
    Goal: Help brand get discovered through organic search
    What I did: Employ SEO tactics on articles by sharing relevant information to our online community and posting on a daily basis
    Result: Halo Pets became a top 15 cat blog and an industry leader in the pet ecommerce community
Halo Blog Author Belkis Cardona-Rivera

  • Email Marketing
    Platforms: Constant Contact
    Goal: Grow our newsletter subscribers and increase sales
    What I did: Sent out monthly newsletter feature sales, discounts and offers on products while sharing pet tips, testimonials, awards and news
    Result: Our newsletter grew to more than 250,000 subscribers and we had open rates as high as 31%
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