When is the Best Time to Post on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr?

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Early this month, Bit.ly, the shortening URL service, reported what were the best times of the day and week to post on the three social networks – Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr based on their metrics. Here’s what they found:
On Twitter:

  • Posting in the afternoon earlier in the weeks is best from 1-3pm EST Monday through Thursday
  • Peek traffic times are 9am-3pm EST Monday through Thursday
  • Posting after 8pm should be avoided
  • Don’t bother after 3pm Friday or on weekends

On Facebook:

  • Links posted from 1pm to 4pm result in the highest average click-throughs
  • Peak time of the was on Wednesday at 3pm
  • Anything after 8pm and before 8pm becomes difficult to get attention.
  • Facebook traffic peeks mid-week, 1 to 3pm.
  • Traffic increase around 9am but waiting until 11am works best
  • After 4pm, traffic slows down.
  • Posting at 7pm will result in more clicks on average than 8pm.

On Tumblr:

  • Wait until at least 4pm to post
  • Posting after 7pm on average received more clicks over 24 hours than content posted mid-day during the week
  • Friday evening is an optimal time to post
  • Peak time is from 7pm to 10pm on Monday and Tuesday with similar traffic on Sunday

This of course depends on your industry and contents that you sharing on the network. Tumblr, like bit.ly said on their blog, is different than Twitter and Facebook. They are a “party” network and content shared is more fun and less business.

Do you agree with bit.ly? Are these time slots working for you? Have you seen anything different?

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