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Job Hunting in the Social Media Age – Kingstowne-Rose Hill, VA Patch

The growth of social media has changed how we shape our careers, and can present problems if you’re not careful. If you think of social media as a method of connecting online with people far and wide that is archived for posterity, it should help you understand how that can enhance your career options and how negative information can work against you. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be yourself. Just remember that the Internet is not your personal diary and [...]

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How to Turn Off Group Notifications on LinkedIn

When you join a group in LinkedIn you are automatically set up to get daily digest of all group activities. This can be overwhelming especially if the group is very active. Sometimes, people can’t find how to turn off these group notifications so they leave the group. However, if you still want to be part of the group but not get bombarded with emails 20x a day, here are some simply instructions on how to turn it group notifications.

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