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When is the Best Time to Post on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr?

Early this month, Bit.ly, the shortening URL service, reported what were the best times of the day and week to post on the three social networks – Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr based on their metrics. Here’s what they found:   On Twitter: Posting in the afternoon earlier in the weeks is best from 1-3pm EST Monday through Thursday Peek traffic times are 9am-3pm EST Monday through Thursday Posting after 8pm should be avoided Don’t bother after 3pm Friday or on [...]

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Constant Contact To Host Free Facebook Webinar

Constant Contact will host a free webinar on Wednesday, May 2 at 1pm EST called, “Facebook’s 4 Steps to Business Success.” It will run for 45 minutes and then there will be a 15 Q&A with the experts. The live webinar will be presented by Chris Luo, Head of Global SMB Marketing of Facebook and Mark Schmulen, GM of Social Media of Constant Contact. According to Constant Contact, you’ll discover four key steps you can use immediately to build your fan base, engage [...]

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Why Did Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion?

In this week’s social media news, Facebook decided that the Instagram app was worth $1 billion making this the social network’s largest acquisition ever. So why did Facebook buy Instagram? Facebook is best known to be the largest photo sharing site and this feature made Facebook very successful even against other rivals like Flickr and Photobucket. However, Instagram in a free app that lets people share photos AND manipulate them with about 17 filters. In a little more than a year, Instagram attracted [...]

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Alternative to the Facebook’s Disabled “Send Update to Fans”

On September 30th, Facebook disabled the “Send an Update” function on a fan page, which was useful to page admins at some point. However, many FB users neglected these updates for a few reasons. First, it wouldn’t notify you if you had a message from a fan page. Secondly, when you were logged into Facebook on your computer, the message was hidden. You would have to click on “Message” and a drop-down menu would appear with the word “other,” which [...]

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No More Reviews and Discussions Tabs on Facebook

According to Facebook, they want to encourage more interaction on the Wall and therefore will do away with the Reviews and Discussions Tab. Here’s what they had to say: “We’ve found that the best way to encourage conversation and feedback is through posts and comments on your Wall, so we’re removing the Reviews and Discussions tabs for now. We’re working on tools to help you moderate, filter and manage content in one powerful place. Stay tuned. You won’t be able [...]

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