Using Social Media – WWE Monday Night Raw Style

The Rock returns to WWE 2011

I have been a huge wrestling fan for 20 years. It’s actually been a big part of my life (maybe because my big brother would always use me to practice his wrestling moves). Anyway, WWE has had its ups and downs throughout the year but this past Monday Night, it had one of its biggest nights in a long time thanks to a startling surprise and some social media assistance.

Building the mystery
Last week, Chairman of the company, Vince McMahon, announced that he has a special guest host for Wrestlemania, WWE’s biggest event of the year. However, we won’t get to know who it is until next week during its Monday Night Raw weekly programming.

Last night, about ten minutes before the end of the show, a limo is seen pulling up to the parking lot assuming this is our special host.  The car door opens and out comes a pair of long legs wearing high heels. She gets out of the car and walks towards the arena. Her body and figure are never revealed.

In just a few minutes, Stephanie McMahon became a trending topic on Twitter. The wrestling world went crazy. For those of you who don’t know who she is, she is the daughter of the chairman and wife of WWE Superstar, Triple H. She and her husband haven’t been seen in the wrestling universe for quite a while and her return would give ratings a boost since she is one of the most powerful women in WWE. This would also mean that Triple H’s highly anticipated return wasn’t too far away.

Better than Expect
The moment came for the special host to reveal his/her identity. Lights flash, music plays, music stops, lights go out and the most amazing words that haven’t been heard in over 7 years were blared through the loud speakers – “Can you smell what The Rock is cookin’?”

The return of the most electrifying man in entertainment created a social media craze. Twitter suddenly had a few more WWE related words to add to their trending topic – The Rock and Dwayne Johnson.

The Social Media Invitation
As The Rock was making his welcome home speech, the general manage of RAW (villain) – an anonymous person who only communicates through email, rudely interrupts him. Michael Cole, an announcer (henchmen) who always sides with the GM, was about to read this email when suddenly The Rock stops him – with a warning. If Michael Cole reads that email,  “The Rock has some pretty cool Facebook pictures to post on his Facebook tonight.”

He then continues with an open invitation – “Does anyone here want to contribute to The Rock’s Facebook tonight?”

Needless to say, The Rock’s Facebook Page was very active that night. Oh, and Michael Cole also became a trending topic.

The Social Media Follow-Up
After he exited the ring, don’t assume that was the end. Fans were invited to participate in a Live Chat on with the special guest host of Wrestlemania. In addition, The Rock’s Twitter account became active that very same night garnishing more than 90K followers in less than 24 hours. Of course, to make sure that you are always connected to him, he shared a special message with the WWE Universe via YouTube.

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