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Social Media Marketing 
Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, newsletters, etc. With some much going on in the social networking world, who has time to manage all of them while taking care of your business’s core work? We don’t expect you to be a superhero. Social media takes time and effort. While most of these communities are free, your time is not.

Although we don’t like to call ourselves “social media experts” or “social media gurus” because the social networking atmosphere is always evolving at a rapid pace, we consider ourselves social media strategists and digital marketing specialists who spend much of our time learning from other industry experts and implementing them to our clients’ needs.

Social Media Strategy
We design a long-term custom social media strategic framework for your small business or non-profit. We develop strategies that focus on your business’s goal while using the latest marketing tools so that your brand online presence is credible, authentic, engaging and successful. Our social media strategy includes:

  • Researching best practices, marketing tools and techniques
  • Planning the right framework that focuses on your business’s goal
  • Developing a roadmap for social media integration
  • Implementing tactics
  • Analyzing social media ROI

Social Media Management
Need someone to manage your social networks on a daily basis? We can help. With our experience on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., we can implement best practices to:

  • Increase fan bases
  • Conduct engaging conversations
  • Manage online promotions/contest
  • Daily monitoring of online networks
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Increase newsletter subscribers

Social Media Training
Already have a social media marketing team? Do they need to improve their “IT” factor? Have interns that need guidance? Or is your business ready to take the next step in social media but don’t know where to begin? We offer social media training that includes:

  • The basics of social media
  • Social networking etiquettes
  • Handling customer service issues
  • How to create great content to maximize online presences
  • Marketing tools to use for analysis
  • Improve newsletter marketing strategy

Social Media Consulting
We help our clients understand how to leverage social media both internally and externally. We can guide you through the process of making your online strategy strong and successful. You can opt to work with us a few hours a month. Our social media consulting service includes:

  • 1-hour call a month
  • Ask questions with e-mail support
  • Guidance on building the right social media strategy
  • Educate on the industry’s best practice tools and techniques