Another Great SEO Tool:

A few weeks ago I was searching online for a tool that would tell me if content on a website was doing its job in terms of driving traffic using certain keywords. Luckily, I came across by National Positions.

You simply enter your web address, search term and your email to get a PDF version of the report (although you can get the report immediately after you hit INSPECT SITE). Then it scores you based on four different areas – Keywords, content, technical and popularity.

The keyword section tells you if you are achieving some organic visibility. It will show you how well you are ranking based on your selected keywords, The content portion will tell you how well your pages are indexed in Google, Bing and Yahoo based solely on your content. If you are not performing well, it can affect your website ranks for competitive terms.

The technical report will let you know how well search engines are picking up your site based on technical elements on your site like Analytics software installation, HTML Site Map, XML Site Map, Robots.txt file and Canonical URLs. Your popularity will grade how well you are doing on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google +. In addition, it will grade your social strategies like inbound links and referral domains.

Overall, this is nice comprehensive report to see where you are in your SEO strategy and how you can implement improvements.

Have you used this tool? Tell us your thoughts.

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