SEO: Tips for the Alternate Text in Images

All About Alternate Text

What is the Alternate Text? It’s the copy you associate with an image and it should “say” the same thing as the image itself. It helps browsers in situations where an image is not available to the reader and help search engines find images associated with certain keywords.

Normally, the alternate text is not viewable by the reader. However, it will appear when an image can not be displayed on a browser.

Here are a few tips for good alternate text:

1. Alternate text should describe the image. Like I said before, it should “say” the same thing as the image. For example, let’s take my logo. I would write, “Belkis Marketing Logo” instead of “logo” or “company logo.”

2. Remember that search engines can’t read text in images. It sees a blank screen so if there is important writing on the image, make sure you put that in the alt text.

3. Use keywords. If you are building a keyword strategy for SEO, make sure you include them in your alt text. It can increase your visibility when people are searching for images.

4. Keep it short. Don’t go crazy thinking you can add all your keywords into this important part of your SEO strategy. Keep it between 3 to 10 words.


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