SEO: How to Name Your Image Files

Another great SEO strategy is to name your files accordingly. When you upload images from your phone or camera, it will import them to your computer with just letters and numbers like, “IMG00234.jpg.” If you keep this name file than you have a missed opportunity to get more traffic on your website.

Images can create lots of web traffic from image-based search engines like Bing and Google. Therefore, it’s important to take advantage of this very simple tactic to increase visibility. Below are a few tips that you will find helpful.

1) Rename your image with a descriptive phrase about the photo or graphic. For instance, it would be better to name my company logo with, “Belkis-Marketing-logo.jpg” instead of “My-company-logo.jpg.” The more specific you can be the better.

2)  If images have writing on it, try to add it as a file name or as an Alternative Text. For instance, if you have an image of words that says, “SEO 101,” then rename your image as “SEO-101.jpg.” Search engines see images as blank canvases so it’s your job to let it know what it is by describing it as best as possible.

3) Never use blank spaces for file names. It creates programming issues. Always use hyphens.

4) Include keywords from your SEO strategy to your image file name. For example, if you’re a vegan cupcake shop and you want to call it out and then you post a picture of a red velvet cupcake, name the photo something like, “Red-velvet-from-vegan-cupcake-shop.jpg.” and not just simply “Red-velvet-cupcake.jpg.”

Have you implemented some of these tactics? Have you seen a change in your traffic or search engine visibility?


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