No More Reviews and Discussions Tabs on Facebook

According to Facebook, they want to encourage more interaction on the Wall and therefore will do away with the Reviews and Discussions Tab.

Here’s what they had to say:

“We’ve found that the best way to encourage conversation and feedback is through posts and comments on your Wall, so we’re removing the Reviews and Discussions tabs for now. We’re working on tools to help you moderate, filter and manage content in one powerful place. Stay tuned.

You won’t be able to access your reviews and discussions once they’re removed, so please save this content if you’d like to keep it for future reference.

On place pages with a location, fans can still write a recommendation for their friends or others from the right-column that says Recommendations.”

What are recommendations?

Recommendation is a place on your business page located on the right column where people can share their experience on a particular place like restaurants, schools, museums, etc. Below is a screenshot of recommendations for Mambo Tea House.

Example of Facebook Business Page Recommendations

The person making the recommendation can choose to make it public or share it with friends. It will then show on that person’s Wall (timeline) and in the News Feeds of people they choose to share it with.

As a page admin, you can hide public recommendations that everyone can see. Just hover over the recommendation post you want to hide and click ‘x’. To see a full list of public recommendations for your place, click the See All link in the Recommendations box.

What can I do about my current reviews? I don’t want to lose them.

If your place has a decent amount of reviews, make sure you save them. You don’t want to lose them as they are still essential for customers to make decisions based on other people’s feedback.

First, I would say copy and paste all your Facebook reviews on a word document for your own records.

Then, make an custom tab that would mimic the Facebook reviews. You can simply take screenshots of them and assemble them accordingly. This way people can see that these are valid reviews from real Facebook users. Of course, you can spice it up by playing with the layout and design. However, the important thing is to preserve and continue displaying these reviews. Check out the new Facebook review section on Mambo Tea House for an example.

Reviews and Discussions will be removed on October 31st.

Does your place have reviews? What do you think about Facebook deleting reviews and discussions?

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