My number 1 Rule for Communicating with Customers

My number one rule for communicating with customers on social mediaRecently, a LinkedIn Group discussion asked the questions, “If you were to put together a social media ‘rulebook’ for communicating with your customers, what would your #1 rule be?” There were many responses like engage, listen, integrate, be personable, be honest, be polite…all good advice.

However, my #1 rule for businesses who communicate with customers is this:

Don’t ignore or delete the negative. Address them in the most professional manner as best as possible. You’d be surprise at how many people actually appreciate it.

The truth is that you can not please everyone. At some point, your business will not satisfy a customer’s needs. That’s ok. Not everyone is going to like your product or service so be prepared to take some criticism and address them. Do not delete them or ignore them. It makes it look like you are afraid or hiding something.

Thank them for their opinion, apologize for not meeting their needs and offer them a solution. If a solution can not be reached, thank them for their time and wish them the best. The point is to learn how to handle online negativity and try to understand a customer’s point of view when they are not satisfied. This will help you understand your product or service overall.

Have you had online criticism? How have you been handling it?


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