Kleenex’s “Softness Worth Sharing” Campaign is a Huge Social Media Hit

KleenexSoftness Worth SharingBack in the fall of 2010, Kleenex decided that people around the country should share tissues with their friends and family. To do so, they created Share Packages, a free miniature Kleenex facial tissue boxes. Recently, they announced that one million Kleenex Brand Share Packages have been sent to lucky people across North America.

The program did let people to send samples to friend and family through the Kleenex.com site or signing up at participating retailers in the US and Canada. In cased you missed all the fun, check out the photos of people’s tissue boxes on Kleenex’s fan page. You could also send a Facebook virtual tissue box to friends as well.

“In a blind study, consumers voted Kleenex brand the softest tissue of all regular national tissue brands,” said Amy Popp, Kleenex brand manager. “These tissues are so soft that once you feel them, you want to share them with someone who needs a little extra comfort this cold and flu season. This program is designed to make it fun and easy to do just that.”

Senders can now track their own chain of sharing, see how many samples a state or city has send out or view the most recent activity.

On their busiest day, Kleenex sent 45,304 share packages. California started strong and has remained the most active state, sending the most share packages overall. Ontario is tops in Canada and the second most active state or providence.

Although, you can no longer send a free sample, you can now design & print a label and sick it on a box of Kleenex Tissue to give to a friend or family member.

Congrats Kleenex on a wonderful and fun campaign!

What did you think of campaign? Would your business do something like this?

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