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The growth of social media has changed how we shape our careers, and can present problems if you’re not careful. If you think of social media as a method of connecting online with people far and wide that is archived for posterity, it should help you understand how that can enhance your career options and how negative information can work against you.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t be yourself. Just remember that the Internet is not your personal diary and sometimes your inner monologue might need a filter.

Remember the “social” in social media. People want to work with sociable people who are able to communicate clearly, seem likeable, have interesting things to say and who don’t offend their sensibilities. If you are taking to these platforms to complain, let loose or showcase your cutting-edge lifestyle, be aware that the people reading your latest update or viewing your photos might think that you are negative, undisciplined or unable to fit-in with a business environment.

See from another perspective 

Google yourself and then Bing it to see what the major search engines think of you already. If you have a common name add additional search terms such as your city, your employer, your school. If you have a less common name, you are much more visible so it is even more crucial that you keep your best face forward. Consider adding a Google Alert  so you are updated when new information posts with your name on it. Of course, there is likely to be someone else out there with your same name. Your best bet in that instance is to create your own presence on high ranking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook that promotes your results up there with your same-named competition.

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