How Verizon Became a Social Media Trend

Verizon iPhone 2011Big companies don’t need a PR campaign anymore. At least if you are Verizon. If you haven’t heard already, “The phone that changed everything is coming to America’s most reliable network.” And what does the world think? You don’t have to go far to listen and share other people’s thoughts.

Today, the news was a Twitter trendsetter according to Everything PR. Verizon’s Facebook Page has about 4,000 feedbacks on their iPhone announcement post. With only a splash page and a press conference in New York City, all Verizon needed was you.

The iPhone has been exclusive with AT&T since 2007 and many consumers have wanted another carrier to offer the phone.  With high demand for Verizon to team up with Apple, the news came with much anticipation adding more excitement to the announcement.

With word-of-mouth becoming the best way to communicate new products and services, big ad campaigns may be a thing of the past. What do you think?

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