How to Turn Off Group Notifications on LinkedIn


When you join a group in LinkedIn you are automatically set up to get daily digest of all group activities. This can be overwhelming especially if the group is very active. Sometimes, people can’t find how to turn off these group notifications so they leave the group. However, if you still want to be part of the group but not get bombarded with emails 20x a day, here are some simply instructions on how to turn it group notifications.

Turning Off Group Notifications

1)    Log into your LinkedIn account.

2)    On the top navigation bar, click on GROUPS>>MY GROUPS.

How to turn off LinkedIn Group Notifications

3)    Choose the group that you wish to stop notifications.

4)    Look for the Group’s main navigation bar that reads, “Discussion, Members, Promotion, etc.” Click on MORE>>YOUR SETTINGS.

Step 4 on How to turn off LinkedIn Group Notifications

5)    On the SETTINGS page, uncheck, “SEND ME EMAIL FOR EACH NEW DISCUSSION” and/or “SEND ME DIGEST OF ALL ACTIVITIES IN GROUP.” (If you want to just limit notifications, you have a choice of daily or weekly emails under the digest email setting.)

Step 5: How to turn off LinkedIn Notications

6)    Click SAVE CHANGES.

Hope this helps!

P.S. If you ever want to leave a group, look towards the bottom right of the settings page. See the little gray button that says, “LEAVE GROUP?” Sneaky, huh? :)


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