How to Preserve Your Facebook Discussions

Pixode's Forum for Pages LogoLast month, I wrote about Facebook’s announcement to disable the reviews and discussion tabs.  October 31st was said to be the deadline to disable these functions. Today is November 8th and it’s unclear when exactly Facebook will move forward with their commitment to get rid of these tabs.

Many fan pages use this feature to conduct customer service or engage with their fans so it would be a great loss to have these discussions go away. Today I will show you how you can preserve your discussions.

A company by the name of Pixode, an Irish start-up company that has been building games for the Facebook platform since the early days, developed a free alternative: Forums for Pages. It is a discussion board app that can be installed as a page tab. The best part about this app is that it allows page owners to import and save all their existing discussions.

Manon Gaucher from Pixode said, “When we found out that Facebook was going to remove the Discussions tab from Facebook pages, we looked for a solution to keep the discussions of the players on our Facebook games’ pages. That’s how we ended up developing the Forum for Pages application. We noticed that many page admins were also facing the same issue, so we decided to open the application to all the Facebook page owners.”

Some of the features that is supported by the first version of Forum for Pages are:

  • Threaded discussions
  • Save and import all your existing discussions from the Facebook discussions tab
  • Users never leave the page where the Forum tab is installed (in Facebook’s current discussions tab, the user is taken off the page)
  • Moderators can delete a post or the entire topic, lock a topic or make a topic sticky

The installation is very simple. First you need to find and install the Forum for Pages app. Secondly, you need to save and import the discussions from the Facebook discussions tab. Then go to your Facebook page, click the ‘Forum’ tab on the left hand panel. Click the “Import existing discussions” button. That’s it! Now you can continue and start discussions without losing anything. However, make sure you do this ASAP because Facebook can disable the discussions tab at any given time without warning.

If you have any questions about installations or features, you can find more information on Forum for Pages’s FAQ. See below for some helpful screenshots.

Forum for Facebook Pages Screenshot 1

Forum for Facebook Pages Screenshot 2

Forum for Facebook Pages screenshot 3

Do you use the discussions tab? Would you use this forum?

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