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Client List
Below is a client list showing a few of the wonderful companies we have been actively working with over the last couple of years.

Our team’s experience of working with some of our long-term clients has given us the skills and expertise to successfully grow the business’s online visibility through effective social media strategies and digital marketing.

With our passion and skills we have the pleasure of working with clients that vary in different industries.

Halo Pets

Halo Pets logo

Beyond delivering great cat food and dog food that your pet will love, they are a mission-driven company, working to change the way companion animals are fed and farm animals are raised…for the better. This mission has led them to make very conscious decisions in how they make our pet food, who we source our ingredients from, which animal welfare groups we partner with, and what changes we strive for in the pursuit of a different notion of “animal husbandry.”

Services: Social Media Strategy, Social Media Management, Ambassador Program Coordinator

Institute for Global Student Success
Institute for Global Student Success

The Institute for Global Student Success (IGSS) is a comprehensive year-long program that provides incoming international undergraduate and graduate students like you with the skills and hands-on-practice you need to succeed at American institutions. Add to that access to a global network of friends as well as internship and job opportunities, and you get what you need to succeed on the global stage.

Service: Social Media Management, Website Content Management, SEO Strategy

D Tilery Events & Showroom
D. Tilery Events & Showroom

D. Tilery Events & Showroom represents a hand selected collection of exceptional international fashion brands. They collaborate with their clients on brand development, wholesale/retail sales, marketing, public relations to promote their lines to editors and press as well as manage all aspects of negotiations and selling to specialty retailers, online shopping sites and department stores.

Service: Website Development

New Jersey Fashion Week
New Jersey Fashion Week Logo

D Tilery Events & Showroom which produces New Jersey Fashion Week was created in 2009, by the founder Donnella Tilery to organize, centralize and revitalize the New Jersey fashion market and provide a platform for international designers to present their collections to global media, press, retailers, consumers and buyers.

Service: Website Development, SEO

Mambo Tea House

Mambo Tea House Rutherford, NJ

Mambo Tea House is a Cuban Restaurant and Asian Tea Lounge located at 98 Park Avenue in Rutherford, NJ. Established in 2008, the inspiration for Mambo Tea House emerged from the two owner’s culture combination. The husband and wife team’s cultural background are Caribbean and Chinese, respectively.

Service: Social Media Management

Don’t Be Cruel
Don't Be Cruel.org

Don’t Be Cruel is an organization that raises money by donating 100% of the proceeds from their store merchandise to homeless pets in shelters and rescue organizations. It was launched in 2011 as a Facebook fan page to bring awareness about animal cruelty and neglect.

Services: Website Development, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Management, SEO