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Job Hunting in the Social Media Age – Kingstowne-Rose Hill, VA Patch

The growth of social media has changed how we shape our careers, and can present problems if you’re not careful. If you think of social media as a method of connecting online with people far and wide that is archived for posterity, it should help you understand how that can enhance your career options and how negative information can work against you. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be yourself. Just remember that the Internet is not your personal diary and [...]

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6 Reasons Why a Generic Stock Photo Doesn’t Work for Your Website

Many years ago, I worked as a sales agent for a photography agency. One of my responsibilities was building our stock image library. Then people who call in, ask how much it would be to use the image and get paid. My boss would call it “easy money” because there were no production costs involved. Unfortunately, it’s also the “easy way out” for clients who want to rebuild their website. Although images are good to have for any site, stock [...]

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My number 1 Rule for Communicating with Customers

Recently, a LinkedIn Group discussion asked the questions, “If you were to put together a social media ‘rulebook’ for communicating with your customers, what would your #1 rule be?” There were many responses like engage, listen, integrate, be personable, be honest, be polite…all good advice. However, my #1 rule for businesses who communicate with customers is this:

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6 Must-Do’s on Facebook’s New Timeline for Pages

If you haven’t noticed already, Facebook’s new timeline for pages is underway. While some pages have the old fan page layout, others have opted to preview the timeline before it becomes mandatory on March 30th. So to prep you for this massive change, here are a few things you need to know. Use of the cover photo. The cover photo is basically a large advertising banner. Use photos of your product or website  banner like the Harley Davidson image at the [...]

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Where Should You Post Your Status?

One of my Facebook friends posted this up and I thought it was a great road map to that question people have once in a while – “Where Should I Post My Status?” With all the different social networks and different groups of people, you may have trouble trying to figure out who wants to know what. Well here’s a little chart and it goes something like this: Google + – For post that you really don’t want people to [...]