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Digg, Once a Popular Socia Media Star, Sells for $500K

Another one bites the dust. According to the Wall Street Journal, Digg has been sold to New York technology development firm Betaworks for $500,000, a deep discount for a social-media site once valued at more than $160 million. The website was founded in 2004 as a way for consumers to put together their own collections of news and other Internet content, rather than relying on the choices made by newspaper editors. Digg users would post links on the site’s home page, then others would [...]

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5 Things I Learned from the Regretsy – PayPal Issue

Yesterday I learned about Regretsy, a fail blog about handcrafts. It basically takes items (mostly from that are considered art failures and features them on the site. Regretsy also maintains a fund for charitable donations. Last month, April Winchell, founder of the site, wanted to raise money for children who weren’t expecting gifts this holiday season. So she made the announcement of her fundraiser on the site and in a few hours they had enough money to make gifts [...]

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Survey Says: Low Sales with Social Media

A recent January 2011 Survey from Practical eCommerce revealed that online merchants aren’t getting enough sales through social media. Here are some results: Facebook and Twitter are the most used social platforms, with more than 80 percent of respondents saying they use both More than three-quarters of respondents (77.1 percent) said they receive less than 5 percent of sales directly or indirectly from social media In terms of effectiveness of a company’s social media efforts to date, more than a [...]

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Using Social Media – WWE Monday Night Raw Style

I have been a huge wrestling fan for 20 years. It’s actually been a big part of my life (maybe because my big brother would always use me to practice his wrestling moves). Anyway, WWE has had its ups and downs throughout the year but this past Monday Night, it had one of its biggest nights in a long time thanks to a startling surprise and some social media assistance. Building the mystery Last week, Chairman of the company, Vince [...]

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How Verizon Became a Social Media Trend

Big companies don’t need a PR campaign anymore. At least if you are Verizon. If you haven’t heard already, “The phone that changed everything is coming to America’s most reliable network.” And what does the world think? You don’t have to go far to listen and share other people’s thoughts. Today, the news was a Twitter trendsetter according to Everything PR. Verizon’s Facebook Page has about 4,000 feedbacks on their iPhone announcement post. With only a splash page and a [...]

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