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Another Great SEO Tool:

A few weeks ago I was searching online for a tool that would tell me if content on a website was doing its job in terms of driving traffic using certain keywords. Luckily, I came across by National Positions. You simply enter your web address, search term and your email to get a PDF version of the report (although you can get the report immediately after you hit INSPECT SITE). Then it scores you based on four different areas – [...]

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How Are You Testing Your SEO?

Any good website knows that SEO is extremely important when you want to be noticed. But how do you test it? I recently found this tool by Hubspot called It tells you how well your website is optimized and it’s completely free to use. It will analyze your website and provide you with an overall score between 0 and 100. The higher the score, the more SEO-effective it is. A few key factors this will test: Content – basically [...]

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