Alternative to the Facebook’s Disabled “Send Update to Fans”

On September 30th, Facebook disabled the “Send an Update” function on a fan page, which was useful to page admins at some point. However, many FB users neglected these updates for a few reasons. First, it wouldn’t notify you if you had a message from a fan page. Secondly, when you were logged into Facebook on your computer, the message was hidden. You would have to click on “Message” and a drop-down menu would appear with the word “other,” which referred to fan pages.

It wasn’t always like this. At one point, messages from friends and fan pages were grouped together and were accessible. The best feature of this function was that you could target a certain group within your fan base. Criteria included location, sex, and age. This came in handy if you have a particular announcement that would only be of interested to certain people. For example, if you were hosting a launch party in New York City, chances are you would most likely invite people near the New York City area and not people from outside the country like England or Australia. It would be safe to say that non-locals will not be attending this party. (Although, it would be a wonderful surprise if they came to town just for your event).

How can I target my message to a certain group of people?

Facebook recommends posting to your page wall. They have been actively telling admins that the best way to engage with the fans is to start using the wall more. This is why they are also disabling the reviews and discussions function. The good news is that you can customize your wall post to a target audience.

First, go to your fan page and locate your status bar field. Under it you will see “Public” and “Share.” Click on Public and a drop-down menu will come down. Go to Customize.

Alternative to the Facebook’s Disabled=

The Choose Your Audience window will pop up. You will see Location and Language. Choose your county and then everywhere, state/province, or city. Choose your Language. Press Okay when you are done.

Alternative to the Facebook’s Disabled=

It will take you back to your wall. Now you can share your status to the customize group only. You will be able to see this on your wall since you are a page admin. However, anyone who doesn’t fit the given criteria will not see it when they visit your fan page.

Alternative to the Facebook’s Disabled=

Personally, I am glad that Facebook made this change as I do like the idea of targeting your audience. I felt that the “Send Update to Fans” lost its identity when the messages became separated.

What do you think of this change?

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