5 Things You Should Know about the New 2011 Fan Page Design

2011 Facebook Fan Page Design

Yesterday Facebook unveiled its 2011 fan page redesign. The layout is mimicking the new personal profile design that was introduced to all Facebook users back in December 2010. Below are a few major changes that admins that will impact how we use and navigate on our fan pages.

1. Photos. Photos are replacing the customized tabs that were at the top of the page. This Photostrip are the latest images that the page has tagged itself in.

So where are those beautiful custom tabs that you had created?

2. Custom Tabs. The custom tabs are now located on the left column. You could even see the hidden ones that were tucked away by the “>>” symbol in the old design. So be prepared to remove them from the tabs by going to EDIT PAGE.

Wait, where is the EDIT PAGE button?

3. Edit Page. Now that tabs are on the left column, you won’t be able to see EDIT PAGE that use to be below your profile picture. You may even go nuts looking for it. But all you have to do is click on your WALL TAB and on the top right you will see EDIT PAGE.

4. Use Facebook as a Page. This is by far the best change for fan page admins. You can chose which “voice” you want to use when commenting on other fan pages. Many admins had asked Facebook to come up with such a function and now it exists! Fan pages can also “like” other pages, too. Note: When using Facebook as a page admin, you will not be able to chat with your “friends” because pages don’t have them, only personal profiles.

5. Filters. Although filters existed on the old design, what is being displayed is actually very different. The older version of the fan page gave the most recent posts. The only difference was whose recent page did you want to read – Page, others, or both. Now the most relevant, not the most recent, posts will show up. Post with more likes and comments will show up on the top like the way “Top News” shows up in your personal news feed. To view the most recent posts, switch to ADMIN VIEW located at the top of the left column.

For more information, check out this guide for the Facebook 2011 redesign.

What do you think about the new 2011 Facebook fan page?

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